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October 1, 2013:
Bonjour to all of our visitors in France! For some reason we are getting lots of traffic from French sites, and we would like to welcome all of our European visitors. If you would like to make this discount cigarette website your own, it is for sale at or!


Electronic Cigarettes:

A huge rise in the demand for ecigarettes has gotten people puffing steamy blue cigarettes in restaurants and movie theaters, just to be defiant.

Cheap Cigarettes and eCigs

Get your cancer sticks at a discount, and legally (avoid non-legal alternatives) is all about cheap cigarettes, discount tobacco, and smoking accessories, which of course should only be used with tobacco and that weedy looking stuff you buy at the local head shop. As they say at the counter, if you put your lips on the pipe, you bought it, which seems pretty extreme considering that they want hundreds of dollars for those things, and they are large and very hard to conceal when your parents come to visit the dorm, and you don't want mom and dad to know you've been smoking tobacco in a pipe that cost too much. Therefore, you may want to stick to the discount cigarettes, or avoid smoking at all.

As we all know, there are laws against avoiding state and federal taxes by getting export cigarettes from countries like Switzerland, China, and the Czech republic. When you do this you are taking money away from health care and education, which means that buying discounted cigarettes from offshore entities is unpatriotic. Of course, it is hard for the government to monitor this because the cigarettes get shipped in plain brown wrappers and discreet packaging, but you should still consider that the shipper is not going to be the one on the hook if the customs people don't approve of your delivery, especially if it contains multiple cartons of Winston, Salem, Kool, and Camel brand cigarettes with foreign tax stamps. It is legal to get cigarettes shipped from Indian reservations, but check with your local state laws on this one. Buying Native American tobacco is a patriotic act, because they deserve to make some money from the land we gave them in exchange for the oil, gold, and silver rich land that they were living on without a clear deed or title.

 A new entry into the tobacco market is the electronic cigarette, or e-cig as it is being called by some. It may also be called an e-cigarette but whatever it is called, it is controversial and there are some questions about FDA approval. These electric smokes get around smoking bans because they only release vapor and not second hand smoke. Consult with your local authorities on cigarette substitutes.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Smoking gives you cancer, so if you insist on wrecking your health you might as well save money doing it. Take the money you saved buying discount cigarettes and get one of those pre-paid funeral packages and a life insurance policy, so your survivors don't have to swithch from Marlboro to GPC because they had to pay for your final expenses. This site does not advocate risky behavior, but we do advocate making fun of people who get hurt by it.