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May 3, 2011:


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Site about discount cigarettes, and how to get them

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This site is about discount cigarettes, or at least that's what it was about when it was available at auction. For some reason people in France have taken a shine to it, and they visit it all the time. Discount cigarettes in the US are popular at Indian Reservations, and some will even ship cigarettes to other parts of the country, but you should really check with your local laws before trying such a thing since you might get charged with importing contraband cigarettes and tax evasion, and state prisons are not as fun as the Federal ones, which also are not fun. This site gets good traffic, but someone could probably do a better job with it, especially if they were selling electronic cigarettes, called ecigs, or other tobacco products.

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Special note: The cigarettes you get online may be cheap, but cancer surgery and funeral expenses are still full price.